Spring and Summer (cycle of cuisine)

Seasons bring change.  This is no more evident that in the realm of food.  Seasonality is one of the most exciting aspects of being a Chef.  It allows for a transition from one train of thought to another, all within the parameters and imaginative limitations set by the individual.  As season gives way to season, our mood and outlook towards food changes.  As temperatures fluctuate, our idea of what is satifying seems to follow, as does our craving for different foods.  Nature seems to be aware of the need for renewal, and in response, provides a  varied plethora of delights at different times of the year.  Menus can be geared towards a more active lifestyle, reminding us of the promise we made to ourselves to make the most out of the season and our surroundings.  SW Florida is one of the best areas to make the most of  this transition.  Enjoy this gift and all that seasonal food brings to the table. Explore the seasons to the fullest!

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